1. to make steady progress; to be fortunate or successful.

2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

Most of us know this: there is a difference between merely existing and thriving. Psychotherapy can help you to understand yourself and your circumstances better, identify and realize your goals and improve how you feel. With increased insight, it is possible to improve your quality of life. Identifying nonproductive thought patterns and behaviors can help you learn how to move forward and create different outcomes.

Quite often, understanding and resolving issues from our past can help us to function better in the present.

When we know better, we can do better.

I utilize a variety of techniques depending upon your circumstances and our agreed upon understanding of how we hope to affect change for you. I pull from a variety of therapeutic approaches and orientations, including Cognitive-Behavioral, Existentialist/Humanist, and Mindfulness-based techniques. I also firmly believe that your physical health - including attention to your diet and exercise regimen - is an integral part of your overall health. 



1.  to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible.

2. to make the best of.

If you are no longer content with merely existing and would like to acquire tools that may help you to actually thrive, you may find psychotherapy beneficial. Psychoanalysis and, alternatively, psychotherapy, are both known as "the talking cure". However, merely talking will not create positive momentum. Instead, now may be an ideal time to work with a professional in order to create an action plan that will bring about desirable results.  



Joy Davis, M.S., Ph.D.
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